Running a hotel is a job that is not for the faint of heart. It involves 24/7 service, a lot of hands-on activity, and excellent customer service to be successful. At its core, it is a business that revolves around pleasing the guest and giving them the most comfortable stay possible.

There are many aspects to running a successful hotel and it requires smart business ideas, a dedicated staff, and, most of all, great marketing ideas… 

Travel Website Listings

A lot of hotel business can get booked instantly through online websites on the internet. Most people have an internet connection everywhere now with hot spots and cellular data plans. Take advantage of this by getting listed on the top hotel and travel booking websites today. Have a professional copywriter fill out your business’s description to increase the likelihood that a an individual would want to patron your hotel. Be sure to use words such as “luxury”, “comfortable”, and “friendly staff” to entice potential guests.

Below are some of the best travel websites to be listed on:

Be Customer Service Focused

Happy customers equal loyal customers. Focus your efforts on keeping all of your hotel patrons satisfied through every aspect of their stay. This begins with the booking process. Is it simple for potential customers to find rates, book a room, and view all of your services (e.g. spas, day-trips, etc)? If not, you may want to look into a website redesign. The next piece in the customer service puzzle is your staff. Be sure to have an explicitly outlined guidebook for how customers are to be treated at each point of contact (on the phone, at the door, etc).

Offer Competitive Rates

Is there a large event in your area coming up? Offer competitive pricing for group reservations. While the margins are lower, you will make it up in volume. Another good way to offer competitive rates while bringing in more revenue is to upsell your customers services that complement their stay. This could mean a referral relationship with a local five-star restaurant or day spa in the area.

Local Visitors Bureaus

Local visitor bureaus and travel agencies can be a great place to market your business. Many of them allow you to drop off brochures and other marketing materials. Travelers will be able to learn more about your hotel and amenities when they stop in and it’s requires only little time and effort to implement.

Respond to Online Reviews

Make sure you respond to any negative online reviews. It can go a long way toward your customer relations and the way your business is perceived by others that read reviews. Always respond with professionalism and courtesy regardless of how disparaging the review might have been. Handling these things with class is a smart marketing maneuver.

Network with Local Businesses

As we mentioned above, finding another business in your area with complementary services can offer you a great upsell opportunity. Connecting with these businesses can be as simple as sending an email or picking up the phone. Even if this is your first interaction with the other business, don’t be discouraged. It’s a win/win/win situation for your business, their business, and the customer.

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