Do you run an automotive business? This includes car dealerships, automotive maintenance, and body work shops. If so, you probably understand the importance of bringing in new customers on a recurring basis. What can make marketing your business seem tough is the fact that many people don’t realize they need you service until the very last minute. This means that they often make very rushed decisions.

To make sure you are bringing in new customers, you have to be marketing your automotive business in new and innovative ways. Below are the top automotive marketing ideas and strategies to get you started… 

1. Optimize Your Web Presence

What’s the first thing most people do prior to making a purchasing decision? They go on the internet and research what they are about to buy. This goes for products and services. Everyone starts their search the same way, with a search engine. And while everyone starts the same way, they end up going down different paths. Some people may stumble upon your website and others might find your Yelp profile. However, if you haven’t optimized your web presence, there is little to no chance of them finding you at all.

While the optimization process is an ongoing one, here are a few initial steps to get you started…

  • Fill out all local directory profiles such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, and especially your Google Business profile. Make sure that each is completed fully with a unique description and all of your contact information.
  • Ask past customers to review you on all major directory sites. These reviews are a great way to show that you excel in customer service.
  • Be sure your website is search engine optimized for specific keywords that your target demographic is searching for to find the service you provide.

To learn more about how to optimize your automotive business online, click here to talk to a success specialist.

2. Offer incentives for referrals.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your auto business. Why? It has the highest ROI because it costs nothing! Capitalize on word of mouth marketing by offering past customers an incentive to refer you new business. This incentive can be anything from cash to a gift card to a free service (ex: maintenance, body work, etc).

3. Create co-marketing relationships.

Owning a local business you are surrounded by other business owners. Use this to your advantage. Make a list of other businesses in your area where you could offer discounted services to their customers if they are referred to your business. Think of other ways you could team up with another local business to satisfy potential customers needs together.

4. Network outside of your industry.

Nearly everyone has a car, therefore everyone will one day need the service you provide. By having a wide ranging network you ensure that your business is seen by various different people, not only those in your industry.

5. Offer high value freebies.

Who doesn’t like free things? No one! Offering free things such as promotional merchandise or even a complimentary service is a great way to show the customer you care. Not only that, but if they are new to your business, you will be able to collect their information and add them to your marketing funnel.

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