Have a website but you’re struggling to turn traffic into leads? Conversion Optimization is a subset of Digital Marketing that focuses on figuring out why that traffic is leaving and making specific changes to convert it to leads.

Below are our top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies… 

1. Use Pop-ups To Offer Incentives

You may be thinking, “Why would I use a pop-up on my website, no one likes pop-ups.” That is true… to an extent. Most people don’t like annoying pop-ups. The reason they are still around is because they work incredibly well when used correctly. The trick is to determine how to best use them on your site without upsetting your users. This is where the incentive comes into play. Don’t use your pop-up as just a means to collect data or sell your product – extend your marketing funnel. Use your pop-up as a means to offer the user something of value (e.g. free coupon, exclusive offer, etc). In exchange for the exclusive value you’re providing, ask for something in exchange. This could be their phone number or even just their email address. With their email, you could add them to a drip email marketing campaign that introduces the prospect to your product or service and eventually soft sells them.

2. Test Different Incentives

People love free things and, as mentioned above, are willing to give away their contact information  to receive some free things. This is why ebooks and whitepapers have long been used as a way to incentivize users to give away their email address in return for free material. Try to think outside of the box when it comes to incentives. What does your target really want? What is something that you can give away in exchange for their contact information? Another great idea is to run a giveaway whereby the users is entered only after they have given their email address. This strategy has been proven to have an extremely high ROI in the long run when it comes to email marketing.

3. Immediately Prove Why You’re Better Than your Competition

People usually shop around when looking to make a purchase. This includes searching Google and comparing products or services. As soon as the user hits your site, you want it to stand out. In the marketing world this is referred to your “UVP” or “Unique Value Proposition“. Your UVP is important because it’s what seperates you from everyone else in the marketplace that sells what you sell. Your UVP can take many forms…

  • Pricing: Do you offer the lowest prices around?
  • Customer Service: Do you have an amazing customer service team?
  • Brand: Do people love your brand so much they become loyalists?

4. Add Social Proof To Your Site

Product reviews and testimonials are trusted 12 times more than descriptions from manufacturers. Since selling is all about building trust between the customer and you, it would be silly not to include some form of social proof on your website.

What is social proof? It is anything from someone else (not affiliated with your company) that positively influences your product or service in the eyes of a potential customer. Here are some forms of social proof you can incorporate into your website…

  • Testimonials
  • Social media share counters
  • Logos of past clients you’ve worked with

Make sure these social proof elements are in areas of your website that are highly likely to be viewed. You want to make sure the reader knows that others trust you and that they should too.

5. Break-up Big Blocks of Text

Web psychology has found that internet users rarely complete reading an entire web page. Rather, they are more prone to skimming content. Don’t be discouraged though, use this to your advantage. To keep readers from looking at giant blocks of text on your site and hitting the back button, break up your content into smaller “chunks”. This has been proven to keep readers reading. Another tip (and one I’ve used in this post) is to break-up content with bulleted lists. They are simple to read and keep skimmers on the page even longer.

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