By now you’ve probably heard that you should be blogging but you might not know exactly why.

Isn’t blogging for people?

That once was the case and as it gained popularity, many businesses learned the amazing value that a blog that a person writes can be transferred to a business as well.

Today we’re going to walk through the top four ways why blogging for your business is a profitable marketing strategy. 

1. It brings in more targeted traffic.

To grow your business, no matter if it’s a construction company or law firm, you need to focus your efforts on driving traffic to your website. Not just any traffic – targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is traffic that comes from users who are intent on using something that you provide.

Here’s an example…

Say you own a skin care company and want to drive more traffic your site to both increase brand awareness and capture emails for the launch of your new ecommerce store. By blogging about topics such as “how to prevent acne” and “best skincare routines”, you can begin to generate traffic from both organic (from search engines) and social means. Here is one of our clients that does this brilliantly.

2. It builds trust at scale.

Marketing differs from advertising in that it is about building relationships with your target demographic so that they trust you enough to make a purchase at a later date.

The brilliance behind blogging for your business is that it allows you to build trust at scale. Imagine turning your website into a lead-generating machine. Well, that’s what blogging can do. By creating content around the right topics, you can attract your target demographic any time – day or night.

3. It increases conversions.

So you have target traffic coming to your site. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the readers are going to immediately want to buy from you. However, since you are building their trust by giving them content they want, they are more likely to opt-in to things you offer them – say an email newsletter. Once you have that email, you can continue to send them more of the same content you know they will enjoy while also selling them on your products.

The basic marketing “flow” of blogging goes like this…

  1. Attract readers via your blog.
  2. Convert those readers via an email opt-in.
  3. Close the sale through an email newsletter or autoresponder series.

4. It establishes your business as an authority.

We live in a noisy world. One where people and companies all claim to be the best but few live up to it. By blogging about who your company is, your values, and what you do better than the competition, you not only make your business stand out from everyone else, you establish your business as an authority.

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