Marketing your Chiropractic Therapy office is a very unique process and differs from marketing other types of professional institutions. For this reason, it can be tough for many Chiropractors to determine where they should specifically invest their marketing budget.

Today we are going to look at actionable ideas and strategies you can use to start growing your Chiropractic business today!

1. Referral Program For Current/Past Clients

By now you probably know that referrals are by far the best source of leads. They easily convert to new customers and studies have shown they are willing to pay more. Referrals save you time and money so that you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

By implementing a referral program in your Chiropractic business, you can leverage the relationships you have built with current clients to take advantage of their networks.

2. Ask Happy Clients To Leave Reviews

The vast majority of individuals find professionals such as Chiropractors one of two ways – referred by a friend or found on Google.

If someone searches for you on the internet, do you have positive reviews to help you stand out from your competitors?

This can be as simple as setting up a sign in your waiting room that says, “Happy with our service? Please consider leaving a review on our Google Business listing.” Then you can list the URL or QR code for them to scan and easily get to your listing to leave a review.

3. Follow-Up With Clients

This can sound tedious, especially if you are seeing 20, 30, 40 or more patients a day. Luckily there is a way to automate this entire process so that you can set it and forget it.

Services such as Intuit’s Demandforce allow you to integrate your client list with autoresponder emails. This means you can follow up with clients after an appointment and ask them to fill out a short survey (to gauge their overall satisfaction). You can even set it up to email them on their birthday as a nice little surprise.

Something as small as following-up with a client may seem small but it helps create a connection between you and the client. That connection leads to trust, which leads to loyalty. Loyalty means a higher client retention rate and an increased referral rate.

4. Host Seminars

Informing your target audience is the perfect way to build loyal fans. While hosting a seminar may seem tedious, it can be one of the most effective ways of growing your clientele.

To encourage attendees to convert to clients, make sure your presentation is chock full of actionable tips they can use to improve their health and, at the end, make your call to action very clear. This can be signing up for a mailing list or even scheduling an appointment then and there.

6. Blog To Attract & Inform Your Perfect Client

Blogging is, by far, the most underutilized digital marketing strategy that professionals use. Funnily enough, it can yield some of the most loyal customers.

Again, this strategy is all about informing your target customer.

If you’re a local business and afraid that blogging isn’t targeted enough, because anyone in the world can land on the page, look to guest post on websites local to your area. This can involve some digging. To start, sign up for a “Contributors” account on Patch is a hyper-local news outlet that allows contributions from people living in the town. As long as the article you write aren’t super self-promotional, you’ll be able to publish them.

7. Find Potential Clients on Social Media

Chiropractors rarely use social media as a tool to help grow their business and if they do, they usually use it wrong.

Why do most use it wrong? They spend all their time talking instead of listening.

Think of sites like Twitter as a cocktail party. Would you want to spend your time with the guy that talked all  about himself or the guy that you could have a conversation with?

Use to search for keywords that your target audience might be tweeting and narrow down by where they are located. Below are some great search terms to get you started:

  • “back pain”
  • “neck pain”
  • “stiff neck”

Once you find potential clients, don’t try to sell them immediately. Offer tips that can help relieve their pain quickly (in the short-term), then follow-up and offer a long-term solution with your Chiropractic services.

8. Offer Free Health Screenings

I like to call this approach the “Loss Leader Strategy”. It involves strategically giving out something for free, that would otherwise cost money, in order to get clients in the door and upsell relative services.

This approach has a very high conversion rate because of the following key factors:

  • You have already offered something of value to the potential client, building their trust
  • Your health screening has pointed out specific problems that they should remedy with your service
  • They are already in your office

Try to set up appointments with a buffer time between them. This makes the transition from free health screening to purchased service easier to accommodate.

9. Facebook Ads

Facebook can be a small business’ dream come true. Why? It allows you to, with stunning precision, target your demographic.

Want to run ads to only women aged 54 that make $100,000+ per year and own a dog? You can do that.

Going back to some of the other strategies we mentioned before, such as hosting a free seminar, Facebook ads provides you with the perfect opportunity to market those strategies.


These strategies, when used correctly, offer an amazing ROI – on both invested time and money. If you would like to speak to me directly about how to best market your Chiropractic business, click the button below for a free consultation!

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