For most realtors, closing more deals is their number one priority. However, there is no doubt that selling property has its own unique challenges including marketing and advertising. The sad reality is that not many commercial real estate businesses have the capacity to spend much money on marketing and advertising themselves. Nonetheless, there are some simple marketing solutions for commercial real estate agents that you can use to close more deals every day. Here is a list of top marketing ideas for commercial real estate businesses… 

Create Your Own Website

The very first step towards success in commercial real estate marketing is to create your own website. Think of your website as the digital storefront of your business. You want it to be inviting and appealing to new users. Not only that, you want it to be informative and visible in the search engines. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. This is the process of finding what keywords your target demographic is searching for and creating pages on your site around those keywords.

Explore Email Marketing

If you are looking to retain more clients and get more referrals, then email marketing is a great digital marketing strategy to invest in. First, you need to develop a quality mailing list through organic means (such as blogging). Then, you can begin to send emails on the newest commercial listings you have available. Email marketing continually shows one of the highest ROI’s in digital marketing.

Use Press Releases

When there is something that happens in your business that is worth reporting, write and send out a press release. These press releases are used by a wide variety of news outlets, especially local ones, for story ideas. Below are a great list of press release outlets to use:

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising can be an incredibly effective way to hyper-target your demographic at exactly the point they want to buy. When individuals who are searching for commercial real estate are in a buyers mindset, they start their journey with a search engine. You want to be the first result they see and click on. Pay Per Click Advertising can make this happen instantly.

Increase Your Training

One of the best ways to close more deals is to increase your training. This can take many forms – books, seminars, one on one coaching, and more. Don’t be afraid to spend money on something that isn’t tangible. Investing in yourself could possibly provide a better ROI than any other marketing strategy.


Successfully marketing your commercial real estate business may take weeks, months, or even years, but ultimately, if you get it right, the financial returns will be outstanding. The trick, when it comes to commercial real estate marketing is to be patient, invest in yourself/business, and soon you will see a return.

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