Google Plus is often laughed off in the social media world. However, it could possibly be the social channel that refers you the most customers. Why? Your Google Plus Business Page is linked to the local results that show up in the search results.

You will notice that all of the local results have links to their Google+ page. This isn’t a coincidence. Google Plus has been shown to dramatically improve search engine rankings.

By building your business utilizing this social channel, you are guaranteed to boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts as well as increase your business’s overall online exposure.

Let’s jump into how you can increase your follower count and get people engaging with your business today! 

1. Treat Your Google Plus Page Like a Mini-Blog

It’s important not to use Google Plus like Twitter or Facebook. The content you post needs to be exclusive to Google Plus. This is because the posts you create on Google Plus are indexed very quickly and have preference in the search results (when someone is following your business).

2. Follow Relevant People & Join Relevant Communities

Be sure to utilize the search field to find individuals and communities relevant to your industry and follow them. This is especially true if you are a local business – find local individuals and maybe even other local businesses to follow.

3. Mention Other Users in Your Posts

When posting new content to your Google Plus page, be sure to mention other relevant users every now and again. This can be done by adding a “+” symbol and typing their name.

4. Invite People To Follow Your Page

Use your existing network of friends, family, and customers to invite them to follow you on Google Plus. Send out emails, post statuses, and give people a ring – the more followers you have on Google Plus, the higher your authority will be in the eyes of Google.

5. Add The Link To Other Pages

Anywhere that you have the opportunity to place a link to your Google Plus page, do it – Facebook bio, website “about” page, email signature. This will increase the likelihood of an individual seeing, clicking, and following your page.

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