If you’re looking to invest in digital marketing to grow your business, you’re probably overwhelmed by how many options you have when it comes to digital marketing companies. Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone. Both big and small businesses struggle with the digital marketing company search when looking to outsource their marketing efforts. Why? The sheer volume of marketing companies in the U.S. is astounding.

While I am the owner of a digital marketing agency, I’m not going to spout off a list of reasons why you should go with us. Because the truth is, not every business is right for us. Rather, I’m going to list key factors to consider when making your decision to help you find the ideal digital marketing company for your business… 

1. They fit your needs.

Digital marketing companies, much like all businesses out there, come in many different variations. Some lean more towards the creative end of marketing whereas others only focus on the technical end. When making your decision you will want to keep your needs in mind. What are you looking for? If you only need your website redesigned, go with an agency that that has a vast amount of experience designing and developing sites for businesses of your size. If you only need an agency to handle your email marketing iniatives, find one that has run campaigns in your industry.

While there are one size fits all digital marketing companies that can handle everything, try to find those who specialize in the project or campaign you’re looking to complete.

2. They have experience in your industry.

As mentioned above, it’s important to find an agency that understands your industry. Whether it’s beauty or professional services, working with a marketing company that understands the business environment you work in is critical to a successful campaign. If you’re unable to find an agency that has experience in your industry, make sure that the digital marketing company you go with conducts an industry analysis prior to starting the campaign. This will ensure they have a grasp on your business, target demographic, competitors, and marketing needs.

3. They have been recognized for their work.

Beyond checking references and their portfolio, you’ll want to make sure you dig deeper into what the agency has done in the past that has been recognized. Here are a few questions you could ask…

  • Have any of the owners or employees spoken at industry events?
  • Has your company been recognized or given an award by any organization or publication?
  • Do any employees write for industry publications?

Here at Digitalux we pride ourselves on having been recognized in top publications such as Inc, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post and more. This provides prospective clients with a level of social proof that we have already been vetted and are credible digital marketing experts.

4. They aren’t the cheapest option.

When it comes to marketing, you get what you pay for. Be especially wary of any agency that comes in thousands of dollars less than other digital marketing companies. Why? Low prices means low quality of work. Rather than investing in expert-level employees, they might outsource their work to India or other countries where they can get cheap labor. Even if the quality of work is “above average”, there will be little to no customer support if anything should go wrong.

5. Their clients rave about them.

The best thing you can hear before choosing a digital marketing company is a positive review from a past or current client. Beyond asking for referrals, do extensive research online and look for places that past customers have reviewed them. If you don’t see any reviews on the popular directory sites such as Yelp, and especially Google+ Business, steer clear of that agency.

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