Marketing a service that is perceived as a luxury can be hard in a competitive industry such as Plastic Surgery. In order to attract the right leads it is important to understand who your perfect client is and reel them in with the right incentives.

Today we are going to go over the top four ways to market your plastic surgery business by enticing potential clients to fill out your lead-gen forms and getting them in your office. 

Idea #1: Offer a Free “What Would You Look Like” Consultation

Many potential clients have one fear – a botched surgery. It is important to ease this fear as soon as possible. With technology such as photoshop, it can be as simple as taking a picture of the area on their body they wish to have altered and manipulating it on your computer in front of their eyes.

Visually being able to see the change puts them in a completely different mindset. Now they can process what their new body would look like and for them it becomes real.

Allow the potential client to ask questions and make comments about how they want their body to look now that they can visualize it. This encourages communication, building their trust.

Idea #2: Have Past Patients Become “Brand Evangelists”

Your previous patients can be your biggest source of referrals. That is because, based on the success of their surgery, their new look will speak for itself.

It is important to consistently stay in contact with previous patients. This can be done with a simple email marketing software such as Aweber.

In order to entice past clients to refer you business, it is important to incentivize them with money or gifts. Some plastic surgeons offer referral fees up to $1,000.

Idea #3: Listen on Social Media

“Social listening” is a unique idea that not many medical professionals utilize correctly. Here’s how it’s done… First, head over to and click “Advanced Search”. It’s on this page you can type keywords your potential clients might be talking about. Below is a good list to start with:

  • “tummy tuck”
  • “boob job”
  • “nose job”

Then you can narrow down by your location and click submit.

Now you have a full list of highly targeted individuals that have expressed interest in plastic surgery.

Idea #4: Capitalize on “Mommy Makeovers”

Mommy makeovers are all the rage right now and rightfully so. Women are having children later in life and as they get older, their bodies show signs of aging faster. Women have increasingly begun investing in two to three surgeries at the same time (i.e. tummy tuck and breast augmentation).

This is a great demographic to go after because many are upper class, stay-at-home mothers with the time and money to invest in plastic surgery.

How do you find these potential clients? Below are a few ideas…

  • Sponsor a mom oriented group – here’s an example.
  • Find Mom oriented Facebook groups and offer incentives (i.e. discounts).
  • Offer local “Mommy Bloggers” money in return for a sponsored post on their blog.

Connecting with these groups could bring in steady leads to your business.

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