As a business owner you have probably heard of the importance of increasing leads through a strategy called “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization).

It’s the process of optimizing your website for phrases that people type in to search engines in search of your product or service. If you need a quick primer on what SEO is, check out our quick intro video below. 

As you can see SEO can increase leads and sales for your small business.

To get you started, we’ve collected the top ten small business SEO tips. Check them out below!

1. Make a List of Relevant Keywords

The first element of building a successful SEO campaign is doing keyword research. This is the process of figuring out what potential customers are typing into search engines in order to find your business.

How do you find these keywords? There’s many different ways. In fact, some SEO Agencies specialize solely in finding keywords for digital marketing campaigns.

An easy place to start for those that are not too “tech savvy” is by writing down what terms your competitors use in the title of their website and headings of content. See any repetitive terms? Chances are those are the keywords they are trying to have their website rank for.

2. Incorporate Those Keywords Into Your Site

Now you want to take the list of keywords you found and naturally incorporate them into your site. It’s important not to randomly place them, as this is a major red flag in the eyes of many search engines. You’ll want to create relevant blog posts, infographics, etc. Then promote that content via your social channels and email list.

3. Use Schema Markup

Schema is a specific code used to identify specific elements of a site and have that information relayed for search engines to share with users. For a local business, it is important to implement Local Business Schema into your site. This helps search engines understand that your business is local and gives you a leg up on competitors in the search results.

4. Blog Consistently

Blogging increases the amount of indexed pages your site has, which increase the chances of someone stumbling on your site and becoming a lead. While it can be time consuming, it can also be one of the most rewarding ways a small business can gain leads. It also pays dividends… Since you only have to blog once and your post stays up, attracting potential customers, forever.

5. Realize That SEO Takes Time

While many digital marketing agencies bill SEO as a fast track to money, it is important to realize that it takes time. Yes, it can be lucrative for your business, helping you bring in leads while you sleep. However, the processes and strategies that go on prior to any success can take months.

6. SEO is an Ongoing Process

I like to relate building out a websites Search Engine Optimization to working out. You can spend months working out and see great results but if you stop going to the gym, those new muscles will eventually start to fade. What some companies think is that a search campaign will be a one-time cost. That is not the case. It takes constant upkeep of your site to see successful results when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.


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