Digital Marketing is a vast and ever-growing field of marketing. To many business owners and even seasoned CMO’s, integrating digital marketing into their current marketing strategy can seem like a daunting task. Regardless of how tough or confusing it may seem, it’s important to make the change. Moving from a traditional marketing strategy to a digital strategy (or a mixture of both) is what we help businesses do every single day.

Business owner, CMO’s, and Marketing Managers regularly partner with us to help them get a better grasp on what digital marketing is and how it can help them grow. Some of the common reasons people come to us are:

  • They’re feeling lost and don’t know where to start when it comes to digital marketing.
  • They have a solid website but see that traffic is leaving without converting to a lead or sale.
  • They wish to effectively introduce new digital marketing strategies into their current funnel.
  • They want to educate their employees and executives on digital marketing best practices.

Whether it’s partnering on your new website design or leading a seminar on digital marketing for your employees, our digital marketing consulting services are here to help.

Here are a few of the specific ways we’ve been brought in to help other businesses…

Conversion Optimization

If you currently have a website for your business but that website isn’t converting the traffic coming to it, then your website isn’t properly optimized. Like a sinking ship, your website could be dragging your business down to its untimely death. Our goal is simple – find the “holes” where traffic is leaving your site and plug them up. This is the basis for Conversion Optimization and it is a strategy that we have used to take businesses, big and small, to new heights.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

B2B digital strategy greatly differs from B2C digital strategy. Yet, many businesses in the B2B space treat them the same and see very low ROI. We can come in, analyze your strategy, and put you on the right track. Our B2B digital marketing strategies have been featured in places like the Huffington Post and Inc.

Content Strategy

Content Marketing can be one of the most scalable digital strategies a business can use. However, many do not know the intricacies of Content Marketing well enough to launch a successful campaign. That’s where Digitalux can help. We can come in, audit your campaign, analyze your target demographic, and create a step-by-step plan that you can follow to start seeing real results from your Content Marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO requires a keen knowledge of the industry’s current trends. It is fair to say that its best practices change nearly every month depending on algorithm updates and other factors. Our team of SEO experts have helped everyone from small businesses optimizing their website to Fortune 500 companies revamping their site architecture for better performance.

Custom Training

As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow, it is important that you and your employees understand its best practices. This can help internal communications, future strategies, and more. Our team can come in, understand your current pain-points, and develop a digital marketing seminar that addresses your specific needs. We have worked in a variety of industries before: medical, legal, software, luxury, fitness, higher-education, non-profit, finance, fashion, hospitality, real estate, lifestyle and more.

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, by partnering with us you have a wealth of knowledge and industry experts at your fingertips.

Frequently asked Strategic Consulting questions.

How much do you charge?

Our strategic consulting services can vary depending on the size of the project, which of our experts you’ll be working with, and what your specific needs are. For any digital strategy consulting projects, we typically charge an hourly rate.

We currently have a project we need help on. Can we hire you?

Yes, we have been brought on mid-project countless times before. These projects include overall digital strategy, digital branding, website redesign, revamping a website architecture, and more.

What makes you experts?

Having worked for years with a multitude of different businesses and in different industries, we have accumulated digital marketing knowledge that no other agency has. Beyond our experience, we have been featured as experts in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and many more.